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Metal Prints

Dye Infused sublimation printing on metal. Ready to hang.

Metal Prints

Not all metal prints are created equal. There are many ways of printing on metal and we use what is referred to as dye sublimation. Dye sublimation prints are made with just the right amount of heat and pressure, infusing the print inside the metal rather than printed on top. This creates a print that will last in direct sunshine and humid conditions without issue. But where the metal prints shine, both literally and figuratively, is how they display in your space. Their contrast, color reproduction and sharpness just can’t be beat. They have to be seen to believed…


Available Sizes

2:1 ratio 4:3 ratio






Easy to hang

Easy to hang

We want you to be enjoying your print right out of the box, so we have formulated a system that makes metal prints easy as a breeze to hang. Because of their light weight, just put a nail in the wall and attach the print in the provided hole.

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Starting at $59

Starting at $59

Whether you are looking to outfit a bookcase or just beginning your art collection, desktop prints deliver on both quality and value. Starting at $59 desktop prints are perfect to give as a gift or keep as a memory. Depending on the image, desktops come as 6x12 or 8x10.

Limited Edition

Limited Edition

To avoid forgery or reproductions, all limited edition prints are inscribed with both a signature and edition number. A certificate of authenticity bearing the same number as well as image information is included on the back of the print. A third record of this number and information is secured in JMP headquarters in downtown Bend. Although, I hope you enjoy the print for a lifetime, the provided certificate of authenticity is a must when reselling or appraising any fine art.

Box vs Float

Box vs Float

Prints 40 inches and smaller come with a float mount (left). The float mount is lightweight, hangs simply and highly stylish. All float mounts can be upgraded to a box mount at an additional cost. Contact us for more information.

Prints larger than 40 inches come with a box mount (right). The box mount provides rigidity that large pieces require. The back of the box mount has a traditional hanging wire so getting the print hung is quick and simple. All float mounts can be upgraded to a box mount for an additional cost.

Upgrade to a triptych

Upgrade to a triptych

All prints, unless specified will come as a single panel print. Displaying a print as a single panel brings the attention to the image rather than the piece. This style provides you with the traditional look and fits in all spaces.

We also provide the option of having your print broken up into three pieces (triptych). This option not only provides a more modern and contemporary feel but also gets you a slightly larger print due to the gap in between the pieces. This option is available for most images at no additional cost.